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Note that the talk on "Responding to disasters and enhancing 3D images with
synthetic datasets"
is in two parts. The link for part 2 is under the poster image.

No video for this event
Slides - C. Webster
Slides - S. Johnson
Video - GANs
Slides - A. C. Quiros
Slides - V. Kapitany
Slides - C. Higham
Video - VAEs
Slides - B. Jensen
Slides - F. Tonolini
Slides - C. Daube
Video - Cancer research and Asteroids
Slides - C. Walsh
Slides - G. Viavattene

Video Pt.1: A. Hepburn
Video Pt.2: X. Gu
Slides - A. Hepburn
Video - GPs
Slides - D. Dalton
Slides - A. Uhrenholt
Video Pt.1: J. Lindsay
Video Pt.2: J. Mitton
Slides - J. Lindsay
Slides - J. Mitton
Video - Resources
click here for links to resources (Updated:02/11/2020)

Video - RNNs
Video - RL
Video - EdgeML
Video - Interpretability
Slides - Y. Jones
Slides - A. Hepburn

Video - VAEs and Normalising Flows for Gravitational Wave Detection

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